We are at the exciting stage of designing a new app with PatientmPower, Clinicians and researchers in Trinity Kidney Research and  Vasculitis UK. This app will be used to help us manage our symptoms, record our health over time and hopefully help us identify triggers which cause flares. It is at the very early stages of development and is currently at design and trial stage.

It is anticipated that it will record

  • Activity levels (walking, running, cycling)
  • Medication usage & self reported adherence
  • Wellbeing through ePRO (EQ-5D)
  • Health Journals / symptom journals
  • Home Diagnostics data (e.g. Blood pressure & weight)
  • Location data

The last item will be correlated against other data sets, e.g. weather, air quality, notifiable diseases etc to help determine environmental effects on our condition.

For more information contact eamonn@patientmpower.com