VIA is a support group set up for patients of all the Vasculitis diseases, their carers and interested Healthcare Professionals in Ireland.

We try to meet approximately every three months in Belfast, Galway and Dublin and hold regional coffee and chat events when possible. We have held annual all Ireland conferences since 2011, where we have talks from experts in the field, meet others in a similar situation and further our knowledge of living with these rare diseases.

Our aims are

  • To support those affected by Vasculitis
  • Raise awareness of these rare diseases
  • Provide current information on research and treatments available
  • Improve services for those affected by Vasculitis
  • Assist in research to help improve knowledge of Vasculitis

In August 2012 we achieved charitable status and in May 2013, Minister Poots launched our charity in the Long Gallery, Northern Ireland Assembly Buildings,  Stormont. Charity number NIC 105731, HMRC number XT34911.

We are a voluntary group of people living with, or affected by Vasculitis. To date we have relied completely on fundraising ventures by our members. There is no subscription charge for joining the group. All monies raised go towards fulfilling our charity aims.