In the first of our members blogs, we hear from Brian and how he has managed his illness since being diagnosed in 17 years ago:

My name is Brian and I  was diagnosed in 1999 with G.P.A or Wegeners. 

I was hospitalised with the treatments of chemo and drugs to combat lungs, kidney, sinus and throat involvement . Since then I have had a few relapses although Prednisolone taken daily seems to keep me in remission.

I have always been interested in gardening and since my wife had a stroke two years ago necessitating my becoming a carer to her, my time to follow my hobby has been curtailed.  Despite this and my developing osteoporosis  and arthritis, I still manage to grow a few flowers and tend shrubs. A friend cuts my grass and hedges leaving me to do the easier and more pleasurable gardening jobs while sitting down often to survey my work and plan further jobs. 

PS. Early next year I will be 80.
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